Some information about the services that Compass provides

Compass Pediatrics is currently accepting new patients age 0-18 years old. We accept most major insurances, Texas Medicaid, and Chip policies. For further insurance information, please contact our office. Patients must be fully vaccinated, and we will not accept delayed, alternate vaccine schedules, or non-vaccinated patients. We have several employees in the office that speak both Spanish and English and can accommodate accordingly. If you would like to make an appointment to get established with our office, please contact us today and we can get an appointment scheduled. If you are needing medical records or shot records transferred from a prior pediatrician’s office, we have a HIPAA release that can be filled out in office and faxed to your prior office. A list of all services offered is provided on our website.

Well Checks and Immunizations
School and Sports Physicals
Dental and Other Surgical Clearances
Flu Shots (seasonal)
Acute Illnesses
Parent Consultations
Patient and Parent Education
Vision and Hearing Screens
Disease Prevention
Chronic Conditions
Virtual Visits
Curbside Visits